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Frequently Ask Questions

  • What is Quik?

    Quik is a delivery platform that aims to cater to our fellow Malaysian's from not just food but everything else including parcel and groceries delivery, all in one app!

  • What is QuikEats?

    QuikEats is an easy-to-use food ordering platform that enables our fellow Malaysians the access to their favourite restaurants and eateries all around Malaysia. We inspire to provide you the best food delivery experience from ordering to delivering the food you choose. Whether you're stuck in the office, or planning a dinner party, QuikEats will stand by you.

  • Why choose Quik?

    With no additional charges, subscription fees or percentage cuts, Quik believes in adding value to our merchants. All you need is a mobile phone, active data connection and our easy-to-use Quik portal and you’re well on your way to making more revenues form your businesses. Whether it's food, mart or delivery, Quik can solve your logistics worry in a jiffy!

  • How can Quik help my business?

    With the current strict SOP's set by the government in hopes to pull the curve lower, it disrupts the normal routine of many Malaysians. Dining in has been deterred and grocery shopping has become harder. Quik serves as a bridge to consumers that are deprived from purchasing your delicious eats or daily essentials. More importantly, Quik serves as an introducer to our ever growing database of consumers that might not have an opportunity to get there. At the convenience of your mobile phone, Quik aims at providing you a seamless process of food and daily essentials ordering and delivering as well as parcel delivery that we believe will benefit all.

  • What are the costs involved?

    Absolutely nothing! Quik believes that our merchants should be paid justly and deservingly for their items sold whether its food or essentials. In the spirits of transparency, Quik slightly increases your items on our application with our delivery prices and the rest is yours. Sustainability and trust are the key words in our business.

  • I love it! How do I get started?

    Just click on the Inquire Button, fill out all the necessary details and our Quik Team will get back to you as soon as possible to provide more information.

  • What are the types of documents I need to provide?
    • - Copy of Bank Account Details

    • - Copy of Business Documents – Form 9,13,49

    • - Copy of identification card/passport of the director/officer of the Merchant who is signing the Agreement

    • - Copy of business license (must be current and not expired) for each store

    • - Copy of insurance policy covering all stores (must be current and not expired)

    • - Copy of Halal certificate (if applicable)

    • - Alcohol license (if applicable)

  • How Quikly can I get paid?

    Because we understand how essential cash flow is to our merchants, merchants can choose the duration in which you want to cash out. Choose between a day, three days or even end of the week.

  • Can I change my payment details?

    These details can be adjusted in your Merchant App on your mobile device. To ensure the safety of your hard-earned monies, our Quik Team will contact you to expedite the procedure.

  • How do I receive orders?

    You will be receiving your orders through the Quik Merchant Portal on your mobile device.

  • Can I manually change my Operating Hours?

    Yes you can through the settings on your QuikEats Merchant App.

  • Can I reject Orders?

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to reject orders that arrive. We urge you to make sure that all orders are made ready during your operating hours. Just in case you need to step out or have an emergency to attend to, please do remember to adjust the settings of your Operating Hours.

  • Can I edit my menu?

    You can do it on the Quik Merchant App. For first time users, our Quik Team is ever willing to assist you in uploading your menu. For future updates, you can upload and edit your menu but changes will reflect subject to approval.